SBS Jewellery Invoice Terms & Conditions

1. By making payment(s) on this Invoice, the Customer agrees to this sales’ agreement, terms & conditions

2. Jewellery and/or product(s) stated in this Invoice has been inspected by the customer at the time of purchase and deemed in GOOD condition

3. FREE jewellery cleaning is provided at all SBS store/service-centre (LIFETIME)

4. Cancellation, Buyback & Exchange Policy:

o All purchased jewellery and/or product(s) are NON-cancellable, therefore any cancellation request will be processed via buyback or exchange policy ONLY

o All down-payment and installment transaction(s) are NON-cancellable, NON-exchangeable, and NON-refundable

o All jewellery is qualified for exchange and buyback except for wedding ring, custom-made jewellery, gold only jewellery (no precious stones mounted), silver jewellery,

and other jewellery with the Invoice stamped

“non-exchangeable & non-refundable.”

o All jewellery deemed altered, broken, or cracked by SBS’ associates, all jewellery purchase which has not fully paid, and all non-jewellery product(s) are NOT qualified

for exchange and buyback

o All jewellery sold in bundling promotion has to be returned together, and no refund will be exercised by SBS Jewellery

o This Invoice is produced along with the Jewellery Certificate

These 2 (two) documents are deemed as 1 (one) unity and exchange or buyback is serviceable

only if the Customer can present these documents along with the jewellery in GOOD condition

o This Invoice & Jewellery Certificate have to be received by the Customer within 7 (seven) days since the time of purchase. In the absence of Customer’s request of The

Original Invoice & Certificate within 7 (seven) days period, it is deemed received by the Customer.

o Jewellery customization fee is not part of the jewellery’s price, and therefore is not part of sales exchange and buyback agreement

o Exchange

  • If the added value in purchasing new item equals Rp20.000.000,- or more, and the exchange occurs within 1 (one) year of this Invoice date, the Customer entitled to 3% Investment Guarantee
  • 15% (international certified diamond jewellery & in-house certified diamond jewellery) or 20% (other precious stones jewellery) deduction on the value (price) of the jewellery as stated on this invoice will be applied if the exchange occurs after 1 (one) year of this Invoice date has passed
  • Gift voucher valid for 1 (one) year shall be issued for the Customer when the store credit resulted from the exchange transaction has a bigger value than the new purchased product

o Buyback

  • 20% (international certified diamond jewellery & in-house certified diamond jewellery) or 25% (other precious stones jewellery) deduction on the value (price) of the jewellery as stated on this invoice applies for all buybacks

5. All terms & conditions stated herein are subject to change without prior notice




Untuk menjamin kenyamanan pelanggan, SBS Jewellery selalu berusaha menjaga harga produk yg ditampilkan di website SBS Jewellery dapat seakurat mungkin. Tetapi apabila kami mendapati ternyata ada kesalahan penulisan harga saat anda melakukan order, maka SBS Jewellery berhak membatalkan pesanan dan anda berhak mendapatkan kompensasi dari kami berupa special price. Harga untuk setiap produk yg tercantum pada website SBS Jewellery dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu.




Kami akan selalu berusaha membuat stock produk yg ada di website SBS Jewellery seakurat mungkin. Karena stock produk pada website mengikuti stock pada toko offline kami, maka perubahan stock produk dapat dilakukan sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu. Pembatalan pesanan karena stock produk juga dapat terjadi sewaktu-waktu.




Semua produk yg akan kami kirimkan kepada anda, akan selalu kami check & recheck sebelum kami mengirimkannya kepada anda agar anda dapat mendapatkan produk dengan kualitas yg terbaik.




Ukuran cincin yg ada pada setiap produk berbeda-beda dan sudah tertera pada deskripsi produk. Pastikan anda mengetahui ukuran jari anda terlebih dahulu, dan menuliskan di notes pada saat pembelian jika menginginkan perubahan ukuran cincin. Perubahan ukuran cincin 3 nomor akan kami berikan GRATIS, selebihnya, anda dapat melakukan pembelian produk resize




Setiap pembelian produk di SBS Jewellery, anda akan mendapatkan sertifikat resmi dari kami. Kami juga memberikan garansi untuk melakukan krom, cuci perhiasan (seumur hidup), dan perubahan ukuran gratis (syarat dan ketentuan berlaku)